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Are you concerned about patient falls?

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     Bed frames vary in style, shape and size. When used with a support surface, dangerous gaps can occur between the bed rails, headboard, footboard, and the mattress that can cause serious injury or even death. The DynaBolsterô fills these gaps by replacing the top cover of your existing air mattress.

DynaBolsterTM Features:

  • Available in standard, extra-long and bariatric sizes
  • Each raised side bolster is comprised of resilient foam and has a trapezoid shape to help prevent the patient from falling or rolling off the mattress, while still providing easy entry and exit from the mattress
  • Gently reminds the patient when they are reaching the edge of the mattress
  • Improved safety with a waterproof, flame-resistant, antimicrobial and anti-staph treated cover to inhibit
    bacterial growth
  • DynaBolster can be easily removed for safe patient
    transfers or repositioning procedures to occur.
  • The entire top surface is skin-friendly