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At Dynamic Medical our employees make the difference. Every area of the company is committed to providing high standards of customer service but only one area has the name. That’s why it’s only fitting that we spotlight the entire Customer Service team in our first Employee Spotlight.

     We invite you to meet the team behind your customer service calls. Congratulations to Silvia Carrillo, Karman Cousins, Lladel Ramirez, and Nicole Williams for the outstanding work you do every day.

Did You Know Customer Service……….

     • Answers about 2,500 calls per month.

     • On average processes 550 new customers accounts.

     The Customer Service team is a lively group of dedicated team members who affectionately call their office the fish bowl because they have windows all around them.

     As the heartbeat of the company they ensure the customer’s needs are being met. The team supports every type of customer from long term care, acute care, home care, and even patient requests. So let’s find out a little more about these fun, outgoing team members.

So, tell us about Customer Service and your role working with our customers?

     “Our motto in customer service is to do whatever we can to help the customer”. Often this requires us to help determine what the customer actually needs (i.e. correct size and type of equipment). We field calls for rental placements, support the sales team with quote requests, pricing and everything in-between. If we don’t have an answer we work with other team members to get one (i.e. questions unrelated to ordering equipment), or advise them what dept will be advised of their request. We understand everyone’s time is important and will do whatever we can to assist the caller with their needs.”

What’s the best part about working as the customer service team at Dynamic Medical?

     “We think one of our best traits is our team spirit and camaraderie”. Since we spend more time at work than we do with our families, it’s important that we help each other. It’s important to us to know we are helping our customers meet their needs. We have a positive work environment which makes it much more rewarding and fun.”

What’s the funniest thing you have ever heard from a caller?

     “We get some very funny requests. If it’s medical equipment or sometimes not, we’ve been asked if they can order it. We’ve had calls to order diapers, baby formula, pumps, and even pizza.”

Who’s the loudest customer service team member when they talk on the phone?

     “This is an easy one, Silvia is definitely the loudest. We laugh because we have to tell her to use her inside voice.” And Sylvia’s reply was, “I’m much better now.”

Fun facts about each of our Customer Service team members:

Karman: Has a quick wit and loves spending time with her kids.

Lladel: Loves to dance and have a good time.

Nicole: Gives great movie and book reviews and is an avid reader.

Silvia: Is very outgoing and enjoys time with her family.